Career Advice Tuesday – “A Little Nudge”

May 22, 2012

Dear Infosecleaders:

I have been searching on my own for employment as an information security architect for the past couple of months, and I am hoping that you can help me with the mechanics of my job search.

First of all, in a former life I ran security architecture for a notable financial services institution and most recently served as an technical security architect for a professional services and information security product company.  My skills are current, my compensation requests are reasonable, and I have very good references.

The main reason that I am looking for work is that the travel associated with my current role is just no longer conducive to my family situation and the life that my wife and I would like to lead with our young children.

Through a colleague, I was introduced to the hiring manager at a pretty well known company with some interesting technologies that align with my skills.   Upon introduction, I both spoke and met with the hiring manager within a week, was told that that I was a good fit, and that I would be engaged by HR to complete the interview process.   A week later, I had a brief 15 minute phone call with HR, which went well (not much was discussed), and was told that a final interview would be scheduled for the following week.

Well, that was about 30 days ago.   I have not heard back from them.  But, I have heard from another company (a distant second choice) and I have been told that they are going to be making an offer within the next week.

Do you have any advice as how to (re)-engage the initial firm and help get me to the finish line – and to understand if they are going to want t hire me or not?


The Waiting Place


Dear Mordecai van Allen O’Shea:

The answer to your question is simple -  you need to write an e-mail to the hiring manager explaining the situation and ask for their help and guidance.  In the letter you should state the following:

1)   Your last discussion with HR was 30 days ago

2)   It was left that you would be contacted about setting up a final interview

3)   You have a real interest in the role

4)   You have another suitor, who albeit worthy, is not your first choice

5)   You will need to make a decision in the next 10 business days.  (This gives them time to react)

First, the reason that you send the e-mail (initially) is so that the note may be forwarded to others in the company.   (You should follow up with a phone call, for a personal touch)  Second, there is nothing wrong in giving your potential employer the courtesy of a reminder of your candidacy, and providing them with an understanding that you will not be waiting around forever for them to execute.  Finally, the goal of this letter is to inspire an action – either a message that they will be scheduling the final interview,  or some notification that you are no longer in consideration.    By gaining an understanding of this, you can figure out how to deal with the other suitor, and manage the remainder of your job search.

I guess the best thing to share with you is that sometimes people get sidetracked, interview processes get mismanaged, and recruiting takes a back seat to other pressing issues.

You should not be offended by this, and do not take this personally.

Sending a friendly and polite reminder, to inspire an action, is perfectly acceptable, especially if it is handled with tact and respect and gets you to the Places That You Want to Go!

Hopefully this helps,

Lee Kushner

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