Career Advice Tuesday – “Resume Hurdle”

September 27, 2011

Dear Infosecleaders:

I am writing to see if you can help me with a situation that seems to be haunting me as I look for a new job.

I have been working as an information security engineer for the past 10 years, mostly on long term contracts.  Each of my contract assignments for the past five years are through the same contracting firm.  During these past five years, I have supported over 8 different Fortune 500 customers, in the implementation of various security technologies ranging from IDS, Firewalls, SIEM, DLP, etc.  Each of the assignments have spanned from 4 months (shortest) to 16 months (longest).    On my resume, I outline each of these projects, listing the customer, the scope fo the project, the duration, and the impact of my efforts.  

Now that I am looking for a full time job, in my opinion my resume makes my employment look inconsistent, although I have been working for the same employer (contracting agency) for the past five years. 

Do you have any tips on what I can do to overcome this hurdle?


Edwin Moses


Dear Edwin:

This may turn out to be our shortest response, but your answer is a simple one.

What you need to do is to create a resume entry, before the projects, demonstrating that you worked with the same company for the past five years.   (2-3 lines).  Underneath the employer and the date,, you should write a short term description about the company and the nature of your work as a security consultant servicing Fortune clients.

Your resume should read no different then a person who has worked as an information security consultant for for a large consultancy – like a Big X or a large systems integrator – with the exception of being able to demonstrate career progression or titles.

If you are able to place this experience under the larger umbrella, it will let employers know that you are both loyal and have a good deal of diverse information security experience.

That should lift some of your hurdles and help you in your transition.

Hope this helps,

Lee and Mike

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