Leadership in Other Ways – Seeking Help and Support From The Infosecleader Communtiy for Charity

July 27, 2011

Dear Infosecleader Community:

For the past couple of years Mike and I have written about information security career topics and spoken about the importance of leadership, in all forms.  One of the things that we have suggested in many of our posts, has been to find opportunities to demonstrate leadership outside of the work environment.

Recently, I have decided to follow my advice, and take a leadership role in the origination of a charity event that blends a number of things that I am passionate about:  Children, Community, and Athletics.

For the past three years I have been playing in an over-35 fast pitch softball league, called MVP Softball, where I play on the Central Jersey Trees.  About a year ago, we began discussing the concept of joining together and putting together a softball charity event that could benefit needy, local families and children in  our community.

After agreeing on the idea, we began thinking about charities that we could support that could accomplish our mission.    In the end, we decided upon two charities – the Monmouth County Challenger Leagues  (Freehold and CYSP of Lincroft) and The Chariot Riders.

Here is a brief synopsis -  The Challenger Sports Programs are designed to provide sports programs and activities for children who are both physically and mentally challenged.  The local challenger programs participate in sports that include baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, and cheer leading.

The Chariot Riders program provides therapeutic horseback riding for physically and mentally challenged children and adults to improve the quality of their physical, emotional, mental and social well-being.

After selecting our charities, we partnered with a local volunteer organization named Play2Win Foundation, who has a mission statement that aligns with our event.  Play2Win is a 5013c entity, and takes absolutely no money in administrative fees.  They have been instrumental in providing us with the infrastructure and operational help to pull the event together.

The Event itself is titled the Extrainnings Classic.   The event has 4 key components -

1) A 100 inning marathon softball game -

2) A Youth Skills Competition Called “The Baseball/Softball Olympics” – where children of all abilities, including the Challenger Athletes, will compete side by side in a series of baseball/softball skills challenges – in hitting, running, and throwing events.  We received sponsorship from a local baseball facility to help with the operations and the coaching.

3) The Challenger Baseball Exhibition – both of the Challenger Leagues will participate in an hour long exhibition that showcases the abilities of these special athletes.  The game will be the showcase of the event.

4) The Home Run Derby – where some of the leagues big hitters will test their skills in a “All-Star” Game style Home Run Derby - as a point of note – I have been installed as the morning line favorite.

The main purpose behind this blog entry is to ask for your help in supporting these events.  Personally, I have made it a goal of mine to raise up to $5000 for the event – and the only way that I can accomplish this is with your support.

I would like to ask anyone who received some good, useful advice from the blog or from our research to help me support these great causes, and pledge a donation – per inning of the softball game.  (Very similar to sponsoring someone per mile for a marathon or bicycle race)

F0r example;

$1 per inning = $100

$.50 per inning = $50

$.25 per inning = $25

$.10 per inning $10

My goal is to raise $2500 in contributions, and then I will write a matching check to the charities for any amount that is donated.

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law – (disclaimer – I am not an accountant).

Donations can be made by clicking on my donation page on the Extrainnings Classic website, through either a CC or PayPal account.   If you would prefer, you could always write a check to Play2Win Foundation, and mail it to my office at 36 West Main Street, Suite 302, Freehold NJ 07728.

I really appreciate any support that you can provide for these worthy charities, the families, and most importantly the children.

Thank you for listening,


Lee Kushner

Central Jersey Trees, 1st Base, #33



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