RSA Session Preview – “Making The A-List”

January 21, 2011

As a follow up in our series, you will find the preview of Jeff Combs’ RSA Presentation, “Making the A-List” -  Jeff provides a glimpse into his session that will guide the attendees to differentiate from their peers, and make themselves more attractive for internal promotions and overall career acceleration.

Session Date – February 14, 2011 (yep still Valentine’s Day)

Session Time- 2:30PM – 3:10PM

Location – Orange Room 305

Session Preview -”Making The A-List” - Written By Jeff Combs (guest blogger)

As a headhunter with over a decade of experience recruiting in Security, it’s my job to align the best candidates with the right opportunities.  It’s not an easy job, but one that can be very gratifying when you’re able to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  To be successful, a recruiter has to have a number of traits – empathy, listening skills, industry knowledge, the ability to earn trust and…the ability to think like a horse trader.

It’s a fact that companies will only pay to hire the best.  That’s why recruiters exist, to identify and attract talent that stands out from the rest of the crowd. Average doesn’t cut it.  So while I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I can’t afford to represent anyone to my clients who isn’t a cut above their peers.  The candidates that I do advocate for have to be on the “A-list”.

What gets a candidate onto the A-list? There are roughly seven qualities that I look for when interviewing prospective candidates.  Some are “hard”, relating to a candidate’s skills and experience. Others are “soft” and focus on personal qualities. Taken as a whole, these qualities should tell a compelling story that will cause heads to nod and votes of confidence to be cast.

I’ll also describe a way of looking at your career and professional accomplishments that can have a big impact on how you present yourself and how hiring managers perceive you.  I refer to it as “Personal Product Management” and while not rocket surgery, it’s a simple way of making sure you’re headed in the right direction and conveying the right message.

A word of caution, for those seeking empirical data and quantitative metrics this may not be the session for you.  However, for those interested in hearing an insider’s perspective on what makes some succeed and many other’s fail, as well as some open discussion on ways to stand out from the crowd I think it will be time well spent.

I hope to see you there.

Jeff Combs

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