RSA 2011 Session Preview: Career Architecture – Building a Career Plan from the Ground Up

January 28, 2011

As the fourth post in our series previewing the Information Security Career Development half-day at RSA 2011, I’m going to talk about my talk entitled “Career Architecture – Building a Career Plan from the Ground Up”. Lee put together a great outline of the session and an overview of the first panel, and Jeff wrote a fantastic overview of his session.

First, the logistics:

  • Date – February 14, 2011
  • Time- 1:50pm– 2:30pm
  • Location – Orange Room 305

It’s my goal to follow up the introductory panel with a session that frames the rest of the content in this Career Development session.  The initial panel is full of awesome people who are going to discuss their perspective on the issues that are present in trying to build a career in the information security industry today – the global economy, the impact of the shifting priorities of the industry and the various segments (government, enterprise, small business, etc.).  And  Lee and Jeff are talking about the actual ways that one can manage the shifting realities of the world – how to build the skill profile of your career to get the job you want.

But that leaves a big gap that I plan to fill: what job do you want?  What do you want your career to look like?

I’m going to approach this from an “enterprise architecture” standpoint – how do you look at your career as though you were going to build a high-end, robust and scalable solution that needs to last you for the next 15-30 years?  (Because your career does need to last you that long).

When I’m finished, you’ll have all of the tools that you need to plan your career for the next 15-30 years and figure out exactly how to use what Jeff, Lee and the other speakers are telling you in order to build your career in the direction that you want.  (An audacious promise for a 40 minute talk?  Come to the talk and I’ll back it up.)

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