Career Advice Tuesday – What Really Matters

October 20, 2010

Well, Career Advice Wednesday, actually… I’m late.  It’s been quite the week.

This week, we’re doing something slightly different – I’ve decided that I’m going to write a quick note without answering a question.  Because sometimes career advice isn’t necessarily the advice that we want to ask for.

Anyone that knows me (Mike) knows how I’m often over-subscribed (to put it lightly) – I’m running multiple companies, multiple projects, and doing more than I should.

Well, last week I got a bit of a wake-up call.  After lunch, I thought I had a bit of indigestion.  When, 12 hours later, I still had the indigestion and it had me curled up in the fetal position in bed, my wife finally convinced me to go to the hospital.  They took my appendix out a few hours later.

After I woke up from surgery, I got more than a bit of a lecture from the doctor about my stress levels and other things that are going on with my health.

This week’s career advice is simple: nobody can work at their best without their health.  Yet how many of us smoke, drink too much, get too stressed out, eat too much or the wrong things and don’t exercise enough?  I don’t know many within our industry who don’t fall in to at least one of those categories.   It’s especially true in our industry, where we spend most of our times behind our desks, eating takeout and drinking too much caffeine.

This might sound like a lecture and like triteness, but I’m speaking from a position of being exactly like that.   I’m not some health-nut giving this one – I’ve been one of the worst at controlling my stress levels, work load, diet and exercise.

Here’s my advice: do one thing today that makes you healthier.  It might be just stepping away from the desk for a while and taking a few deep breaths to relax.  Maybe it’s a salad instead of the Double Whopper with Cheese.   Maybe it’s taking a walk at lunch.  Do something.

Don’t wait for the post-surgery lecture.

Back next Tuesday with our regularly scheduled career advice…

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