Career Advice Tueday – “Ideal Graduate Course”

July 20, 2010

Dear Infosecleaders:

If you could only have one information security course as part of a graduate program for IT managers, what, in your opinion, should it contain?


Professor Plum

Dear Professor Plum:

We are not sure if you can select only one class, but if we had to choose one information security course  for IT managers  - it would be titled, “Enabling Business with Information Security.” 

The lesson plans for the course would contain the following:

1) Reasons for Business to Reject Security – this would include examples of how information security negatively hinders productivity in a corporate environment

2) Business Security Requirements - these lectures would demonstrate the necessity of security – regulatory aspects, secure business transactions, breach prevention

3) How Information Security Can Make You Money – these lectures will demonstrate using real life cases of how contracts have been won, brands have been built, and trust is developed by building security into business processes – these lectures will show both the winning and losing perspective – and the effects on stock prices

4) Building a Win-Win Relationship with Your Security Leader- these lectures will focus on communication and developing mutually beneficial relationships between yourself, security, and the business – these lectures will explore all parties perspectives- and demonstrate how everyone can accomplish their goals – by cooperation as opposed to conflict

5) Spreading the Word- These last sessions will demonstrate how you can utilize both internal and external marketing messages to create internal awareness, build external trust, and brand your company as a “secure business environment” -  guest speakers will come in to talk about dealing with the media, investor relations, and the creation of internal security awareness campaigns.

We figure that each of these topics can go for 2 -3 weeks – and this should leave plenty of time for mid terms – and finals!

Hope this helps!

Lee and Mike

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