Career Advice Tuesday – “What If I Am Late”

May 18, 2010

Dear Infosecleaders:

I have a simple question – what can I do if I am late to an interview?  Is there anyway to save myself?  I am not going to make excuses – (traffic on the beltway was horrible) but that is not an excuse, I have lived in the Washington DC area for some time now and I should have anticipated it.

Fact is, I really think that the information security role that I interviewed for is the right job for me and I am the right person for them.  It has been a week since my interview, I have not had any feedback and I am kicking myself.

Any words of encouragement?


Big Ben

Dear Ben:

Unfortunately when you arrive late for an interview, you are basically at the mercy of the company that is making the decision about your future.   Some employers will unilaterally disqualify you from consideration based on this criteria alone, for that you will have no defense. 

You should be hopeful that your new employer has enough insight,  sees the big picture and  understands their  ultimate goal of their interview (to hire the best person).   Most important you should hope that the skills that you bring to the position are different than all of your competitors. 

For example, if you were hiring for a position and two people were equally impressive – but one of them arrived on time, and the other was 15 minutes late – whom would you hire?  See my point.

I give you credit for not making excuses (sort of) and taking responsibility for your actions, which is definitely a good thing and can be viewed positively.  You should hope that some of the decision makers that you met with have experienced the same problem and that they are understanding.  If you are really lucky, maybe one of them were late to an interview, and can truly relate. 

If you do receive a call from the employer – please make sure that you arrive 10 minutes early for your next interview, and be prompt with every action item that goes along with the interview process (completing applications, background consent forms, etc.)  You will have to start rebuilding your internal brand right away!

Good luck.  Let us know how this turns out.


Lee and Mike

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