Career Advice Tuesday – New Year’s

December 29, 2009

Due to the holiday, the number of questions we received in the last week has been pretty light. So, instead of doing a question this week, we’re going to do a quick post on the year end.

First, let me say that I hate New Year’s “Resolutions” – the idea of becoming resolute based on a date is a recipe for failure. (And research shows that 78% fail in that)

But the end of the year is often a good time for planning and thinking. It’s a time of year spent around family and a time where work in our industry often takes a slight lull. And Lee and I both use this time to take stock of our lives and our plans for the coming year.

So, we’d urge you to make this a time for career planning. As we said in our Defcon talk, our survey from last year showed that career planning matters – those with a written career plan are about 25% more likely to make more than $120K/year than those that don’t have a plan.

As far as what we’re planning for 2010, you can expect a lot from InfoSecLeaders. The results for that survey will be fully available in the immediate future, as well as a bunch more surveys in the coming months. Additionally, we’ll be continuing our articles in Search Security and be announcing other relationships with other publications. We’ll be speaking at conferences. And we’ll be releasing more online courses (like our Career Incident Response Series) soon as well.

And Career Advice Tuesday will continue. Ask your questions here.

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