Career Advice Tuesday – The Educational Crystal Ball

September 29, 2009

Hello Mike & Lee,

How important is education to the security management career path? I’m in a well-known Masters of Information Assurance program, but I don’t often see this type of education requirement for security management jobs.

Do you think that will change?

Nervous Student

Hi Nervous,

Hold on a second while we pull out our crystal ball.

Okay. We’re now looking far in to the future… and we see… degrees… everywhere.

Enough being flip. Information security is a very young industry and, as such, hasn’t really developed a significant formal education structure. Most of the programs that exist today are less than 5 years old.

But that formal education is in demand – we need an industry of people who started to get real training on information assurance, risk management and other security concepts at a younger age. And we’re starting to see more and more of that type of program build up.

You’re right that it’s not a requirement yet – mostly, that’s a supply and demand issue. If that was a requirement for most jobs, it would severely limit the candidate pool. However, it will provide you an advantage when you go in for some jobs.

Our crystal ball says that this will start to be a requirement more and more over the coming few years.

No need to be nervous: you’re ahead of the game.

Mike & Lee

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