Career Advice Tuesday – “Maintaining That “New Job” Feeling”

September 15, 2009

Dear Mike and Lee:

Near the beginning of the year I graduated from ITT Tech with a degree in information security (4.0 GPA!) and last month just started a new job doing information security monitoring for a university. So far I absolutely love my job with the new skills I’m picking up and the challenge of the problems I’m being asked to solve.  Every job I’ve had previous to this one got stagnant very quickly, what can I do to keep the enthusiasm I currently feel for this job going a year from now or five? Right now I look forward to going into work the next day, what can someone do to keep from losing that as they get settled into a position? Also, do you have any other tips for someone right after they land that great job?


“Freshness Guaranteed?”

Dear “Freshness Guaranteed?” :

It is very nice to hear from someone that is so excited about their current (new) role.   

Nothing can compare to the excitement that one gets when beginning a new role.  This especially holds true for someone who has just completed a degree program, where your career investment has been rewarded and has resulted in a new opportunity that will utilize the skills that you have developed.  The challenge of keeping a job ”fresh” is one that everyone faces, especially after routine sets in, and the initial “shine” wears off.  

The best way to keep a job fresh is by keeping yourself challenged and motivated.  Keep looking for ways to add value, learn more, and be needed.  I would advise you to work on building relationships with other members of your company, and try to volunteer yourself on projects where you can be of assistance.  If you are successful in doing this, you will always have several new “mini-jobs” within the context of your main role. 

Keep in mind, five weeks and five years are two entire different time periods. Look at your role in four month increments, and make sure that you are continuing to learn new things and acquire more skills.  If two consecutive  four (4) month periods pass, and you have not grown professionally – it may be time to look for something that will inspire the same feelings you currently possess.

Let me close by saying that if you have a strong passion for what you do, you will always feel fulfilled in your career.  Generally speaking, the more passion you have – the less your job will feel like work.

Hope this helps,

Lee and Mike

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