The Basics on the Other Side

June 19, 2009

Timely to my last post about remembering the basics, Jack Daniel’s recent post talks about the basics for when you’re hiring someone. I thought his post was right on, but there’s something I need to say:

You can’t expect a company to do all of these things.

This especially applies to the largest (generally, the most bureaucratic) and smallest (generally, the busiest) companies You can hope that they do. You can like it when they do and be happy about it.

But expecting it is a way to ensure that you’re frustrated and disappointed in your job search.

I’m the first one to tell a company that is hiring that they need to do all of the things that Jack talked about. But, especially in a short-term search (for a definition of that, listen to the Career Incident Audio Series), you’re not going to have a personal relationship with the company, and you need to prepare yourself for them not to have a personal relationship with you.

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