Talent Evaluation and the NFL Draft

May 6, 2009

Those that know me wouldn’t call me a “sports fan”.  I don’t run around chasing the Sharks like Mediaphyter and I don’t play any of the major sports. I didn’t go to college in the US, so college basketball and football have no real pull for me.

But there’s one day of the year that I reserve to sit down on the couch and watch sports. It’s the day of the first few rounds of the NFL Draft.

I’m a total geek about it. I read all the stories. I watch all the pre-draft shows. I know who ran what 40-yard time at the combine. This year, I even followed Peter King on Twitter.

It’s because I’m a sucker for talent evaluation. I could care less about the result of any given football game over the course of the year (Super Bowl included). What I love about football is the idea that talent evaluation at this level determines success.   I’m a total geek for what differentiates a successful organization (and person) from an unsuccessful one.  It’s what has led me to study communication technologies, organizational design, and watch successful people incredibly closely over the years.

What is so amazing to me is that sports (and especially the draft) are is one of the few places in the world that we get to observe the direct relationship between talent and success.  A team like the Detroit Lions can be the absolute worst organization in the world in their space, and with proper talent acquisition (and management/leadership), they can change their path radically.    (Note:  I talked about the leadership/management opportunity here).

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