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April 20, 2009

Today I am excited to officially become a member of the blogging community. My InfoSecLeaders Blog will be devoted to relevant career related topics and my experiences as an executive recruiter for the past thirteen years in the Information Security market. I am hoping that by sharing these experiences, it will allow the readers to benefit in their personal career management activities.

I am in San Francisco today attending the RSA Conference. My recruitment firm is exhibiting on the trade show floor as well (Booth 542). To me, RSA has always been a place where all the different subgroups of the industry gathers to discuss pressing information security issues, release new products, cement relationships, and take an overall pulse on the health of the industry. It is the industry health that piques my interest the most.

Due to all of the recent external economic factors, information security professionals are exposed to negative news that directly affects their careers. Having informal discussions with the attendees and exhibitors at the conference should provide insight on the prevailing attitudes on these issues. I am interested in learning about companies hiring plans, corporate training budgets, personal job satisfaction, compensation trends, and overall business outlook.

I look forward to sharing what I see, and how this compares to RSA Conferences of the past. Stay tuned.

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