Another RSA in the Books

April 26, 2009

Another RSA Conference is in the books, and it was a fruitful time for me as usual. While I walked the floor and went to all of the parties, a great deal of business was done (including the launch of this blog).

And that’s why I go to RSA every year. The point of a conference isn’t (in my opinion) sitting in talks and learning what the speakers have to say. Even when I’m speaking, I’m sure that the major value of showing up there isn’t whatever you’re going to learn from any of the talking heads.

To paraphrase an old Clinton campaign cliche, “It’s the relationships, stupid”.

I was talking with a friend of mine (who I met at the Source conference) over coffee as RSA wound down. And we were talking about why we love the conferences.

“I get to see all of my friends all at once”, she said.

Exactly. And, in a wonderfully circular reference, we made those friends by being at the conferences in the first place.

I believe strongly in networking: I like doing business with people who are friends. Lee and I started talking together and started this blog because we’re friends. My business partners at Foreground are my friends. I work with Melina because we’re friends.

And I’m not the only one.

Which is why business gets done at conferences: because we’re among friends.

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